Dockerizing React
Dockerizing React
Dockerizing of a React App

Have you ever wondered whats the best way to Dockerize your React App?
You might find 1000s of articles that guide you on how to dockerize your app but how simple, optimized and secure are those? How much size does your final Docker image occupy?

Well, after going through a lot of articles and documentations I finally found the secret formula for Dockerizing react apps.

This article will be useful to you :
1) If you want to Dockerize yours react app.

2) If you want to reduce your current Docker image size.

3) If you want to optimize your…

It’s very important to pick the best IDE/Code Editor and Configure it for your programming language. If you get to know the features and capabilities very well, you can greatly improve your productivity.

I have used multiple IDE/Code Editors like RubyMine, Sublime Text ,Atom and Visual Studio Code (VSCode). Visual Studio Code is the best out there with its vast customizability.

Visual Studio Code Logo (Third party image reference)

With lots of Trail and Errors I have the Eventual Visual Studio Code Setup. I have customized VSCode with few Extensions and tweaked some default behaviors to achieve it. I recommend this Setup with an assured increase in productivity.

Anil M Gudihindala

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